Web Maintance

Web Maintance

Your website is an important part of your business. It represents your brand in the online community – it’s your primary avenue to attracting new customers and clients. In fact, having a website is often compared to having a baby. Like a child, it requires regular care, maintenance, and overseeing. If neglected, it may start to look unappealing and may hurt your business in the long run. Given its accessibility, people today turn to the Internet for information when they want to learn more about a business.We maintain your website which allows you to focus on your business.

We offer several options for website maintenance depending on your requirement and your budget.

  • Updating/ Editing Service.
  • Check Page Load Time.
  • Check all enquiry forms are working.
  • Update plugins.
  • Take complete backup.
  • Website Performance Checking
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Monthly website Traffic Report.
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Broken Link Check & Correct
  • Add New Pages
  • Fixing CSS.
  • Trouble Shooting Server Issue
  • Social Media Account Setup
  • Scan website and resolve any malicious file issue.

Easy Steps To Maintain Your Website And Increase Traffic

  • Choose the right website builder

    Success starts with the right foundation. The kings of old always sought out the best builders when constructing their palaces. Thus, if you want to build a great website, you must also find the best people for the job.

  • Update Regularly

    Updating your site by posting about recent company events, promotions, or news will make your business more likeable to your consumers. Nothing puts a reader off more than finding your latest articles dated almost a year or six months ago. Many times, consumers will check your website for availability

  • Give it a Makeover

    People often judge a website based on its homepage and overall design. If your website is done poorly, has many formatting and text errors, and contains broken links, then don’t be surprised when nobody’s visiting. Sometimes, people associate the quality of your product/service with how your site looks.

  • Review your content

    Are you connecting to your audience effectively? How should you create your content so that you’ll engage readers and turn them into customers? These are just some of the questions you have to keep in mind when you have to maintain your website’s content.

  • Optimize Your Website for SEO

    Let people find your site by optimizing it for search engines. SEO or search engine optimization is an important process that will help deliver a consistent flow of traffic to your site. There are many ways to optimize your site so your consumers can easily find you.

  • Create a Sense of Community

    The internet is a rich hub of information and user opinions. People today are more willing to share their sentiments on subjects they feel most connected with. This is why creating a sense of community within your site is such a good idea to acquire a regular readership.

  • Use Social Media

    Sometimes, it’s not enough to simply “hang out” on your website. You need to go beyond the borders of your domain. You have to reach other people to make sales! Using social media is often a cited solution when it comes to finding a way to promote your website for free! Social media is known as a top traffic source for many websites.